Sanitaire 39633 Cloth Shake-Out Bag Assembly

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Fits Sanitaire Transport / Might Mite Series canister models. Reusable cloth vacuum bag by simply dumping and tossing in the washing machine to clean. Designed to fit models: 3630A, 3631A, 3650A, 3624A, Eureka 3684F Pet lovers, 3670, 3670A, 3671A-1, 3670G, 3672A, 3676, 3681, 3682D, 3683, 3684, 3684A, 3684B, 3685B, 3685A, 3682B, 3682A, 3679B, 3676B, 3679A, 3676A, 3672B, 3682A, 3682B, 3682D, 3684A, 3684B, 3685B and 3685A

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